For nearly 40 years, I have provided appraisal and consulting solutions for a variety of needs, including financing, eminent domain, insurance claims, investment decisions, bankruptcy, estate planning, partnership dissolution and conservation easements.

I believe that this experience makes me uniquely qualified to provide commercial and agricultural appraisal review services to lenders, the legal and accounting communities, government agencies and private individuals.

“The essence of appraisal review is to investigate, analyze and verify the logic and procedures used in appraisals and to ensure the preparation of competent and thorough reports that result in sound valuation opinions.  Ultimately, the purpose of an appraisal review is to reinforce the client’s confidence in the credibility of the appraisal and the conclusions it presents.”

– Richard C. Sorenson, MAI, Appraising the Appraisal: The Art of Appraisal Review, 2nd Edition (Appraisal Institute: 2010)1.